What makes artisan roasted coffee so much better?

The exquisite taste of single origin beans is a drastic departure from traditional coffee. What makes it even better is when it is hand roasted locally in Tequesta by a charming husband and wife team.


It all started with an afternoon cupping session, tasting all the finer qualities of artisan roasting. Aside from the caffeine high, we were mesmerized by the sommelier level of taste involved in roasting the beans. As well the various worldly origins and the extreme care taken to make the perfect cup of coffee. So we set out trying to fit all this greatness into your morning cup of coffee.


We wanted to make the most of the tagline with some duality in meaning. Oceana Coffee is all about educating people on how to find that great cup of coffee and holding themselves to those high standards. We then set out to craft visuals that set them apart from the mass market coffee that most are so accustomed to.


The brand illustration is the foundation and the heart of their visual language, allowing everything to be cohesive yet different when needed. Not only does this illustration educate on the lifecycle of coffee, but it also is full of detail and care, just like their products. We embraced a refreshing color palette that echoed their coastal location but paired it with other colors of native origins to really showcase diversity and richness of the various flavors.


"The team at Forming Brands took a lot of time to understand the vision for our company and understand our brand... and have been an integral part of our design strategy ever since."

- Amy Angelo, President, Oceana Coffee