Why are there misconceptions about Vegan food?

We helped a Vegan pastry chef conquer the world one confection at a time. With exceptionally tasty treats not only for those with dietary restrictions, but also those that just appreciate quality and flavor. It is her life’s work to make the world a healthier place without compromising those tasty treat moments. 


The skill needed to make confections that taste this good is a true talent. We had the goal of trying to make the packaging and brand look as amazing as the product tastes. PAC Pastries also wanted us to elevate the product line to be approachable yet gourmet, highlighting the all-natural, gluten free, raw and healthy attributes.


We created a distinctive look for their retail packaging using the rich texture of watercolors in youthful colors. Eco-friendly plastic containers, label strips and adhesive stickers make it a cost effective and efficient packaging system. It can also easily be expanded to different form factors and products as they come online.