What happens when a community decides it’s time to get healthy?

Healthier Jupiter is a community guided initiative to increase awareness and prevention of diabetes. A large focus is on improving the outcomes of those that are or may not know they are at high risk. We have had the privilege of being involved with Healthier Jupiter from very early on as a strategic consultant and designer to unify and maintain consistency across all its intiatives. 


One of our first projects with Healthier Jupiter was to design the Get Fit Map. A customized map of Jupiter Florida highlighting the free or publicly accessible resources that promote a healthier lifestyle such as parks, schools, beach access as well as helpful tips.  

The easiest thing for people to do is take a walk, so we even placed mileage loops throughout  the map to help users define a sensible route near their home. We did this because the target demographics may not have technology to assist them in tracking thier distances. 


To encourage a sense of community and increase physical activity, Healthier Jupiter created a team walking challenge. Residents can become a captain and create crews to go on excursions. Walk on Jupiter has the goal of tracking the cumulative miles walked by resident teams to walk the distance to Jupiter... all 365 million miles, or maybe just 3,650 miles to start.  


"As a community initiative trying to make a large impact it was important to find the right resources. Forming Brands has gone above and beyond and immersed themselves in Healthier Jupiter."

- Carrie Browne, Executive Director, Healthier Jupiter