How do you brand a new multicultural consultant with decades of experience to share?

A former CEO decided to step out on his own to help other businesses bridge the cultural divide with realistic and approachable solutions to help them grow and service their community.


Having so much knowledge at his disposal, André Varona can offer insight in a pro-business and pro-community manner. So we devised the name Varona Insights to emphasize his goal of providing the insight for successful multicultural strategies and community relations that drive the growth of a business or non-profit organization.


We provided a complete brand for André with information structured around various services and investment levels. All focusing on the ideas of providing valuable Advice, Advocating for business and Advancing the community as a whole. 

The logo is designed around the concept of shining a light and elevating the conversations that bring us all together. 


"Forming Brands not only harnessed the energy and strategies we wanted to communicate, they helped recognize possibilities and opportunities for growth that hadn't been given enough attention."

- André Varona, Founder, Varona Insights

Photo courtesy David R. Randell Photographics